About Cathy

me and my jackalope

Just a girl and her jackalope.

I was born a poor, black child…….

Actually no, I was born a short, Mexican child in San Antonio, TX. I moved to Austin when I was 2, and I consider myself a native since I was potty trained here.  I grew up mostly in an Austin suburb, and have lived all over the Austin area. I’ve settled in the north central area, close to the best Lubys in town. It’s perfect. Austin’s pretty amazing and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

I discovered a love of social media about eight years ago. I attended an Austin Social Media Club meeting after a promise of free pizza and cute boys. I found both that evening, and also discovered an interest in the topic. That interest grew into a hobby, which grew into a love, which grew into an obsession. These days, I am a full blown social media nerd with the “Marketing Madness” Pinterest board to prove it.

When I’m not obsessing over social media, I’m probably writing over on my other site Austin Slave to Fashion. I tell people I write it because I believe that every woman has the right to look at feel beautiful no matter what her size…… but really it’s just a front for my obsessive love of all things fashion and beauty. Don’t judge.

Life is pretty great around here. I do social media work freelance for people and companies that need me, and I write lots of blogs and articles about clothes. I get to work from home with my ridiculous kitty assistant that takes terrible dictation and mostly just sleeps on stuff I need. I hoard lipstick, shoes, owls and fine tip Sharpie pens. I work out absurdly early in the morning and drive an SUV like a soccer mom. I’m living the dream……

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