Social Media 101 Package

For many businesses (especially small and medium ones) the idea of social media is daunting for a few reasons.

Here’s a sample of the two main themes we hear the most:

1) Is this going to be expensive? Do I have to hire someone to do it? I can’t afford to re-allocate a ton of my marketing budget for this!

2) I have NO IDEA how to do this! How do I tweet? Is that what’s it’s even called? Who is going to be the Facebook admin? What’s a Vine video?

Not only is the idea of diverting resources to a new medium nerve-wracking, but having to learn a whole new marketing channel is downright scary. It’s no wonder that so many businesses either avoid it completely, or try to start and give up.

What if Slave to Social could come in and get you set up with social properties, initial strategy, calendars, and training all for one low price?

That’s right, we’ll take the guesswork out of all of the set up and initial planning. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, and get you up and running. Easy peasy!

The Social Media 101 Package includes:

*Set up for up to three social properties.
Example: Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

*Social strategy for 3 months.

*Editorial/social posting calendar for the first 3 months.

*Initial consultation meeting, and up to two more in-person meetings.

*Set up of monitoring and analytics reporting.

* Up to four hours of training if needed.

Contact us to get pricing information and availability to start your company on the road to social media madness!

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